Changing how you eat and exercise is much easier said than done.


Nutrition Results can help you Make it Happen!

Because our habits are deeply ingrained, it takes constant attention and monitoring to make lasting changes in the way we eat and exercise. Nutrition Results offers the Results Program which provides not only the knowledge, but also the personal attention and monitoring that are keys to lasting success.

All nutrition services are provided by

Samantha Feldman, MS, RD, CDE.

How do I enroll in the Results Program?

Schedule an initial consultation via phone or email.


The fee for the initial consultation can be applied to the first month’s payment if you decide to participate. If you decide not to participate, you simply pay for a single session.


Lower fees are available for enrolling for 3, 6 or 12 months and no down payment is required. You can cancel at any time (cancellation fee may apply).


The program can be customized to include more in-person and fewer phone sessions. We will discuss what is best for you.


The Results Program is ideal for people looking to lose weight!

Do I have to participate in the Results Program to be a client of Nutrition Results?

No, you don’t. You can participate in as many sessions as you’d like. We can discuss together what the best approach would be for you.

Other Services Provided by Nutrition Results

Grocery Store Tours
Shop with a Registered Dietitian. Samantha Feldman will meet you at your grocery store, and at the end of the shop she will provide you with a shopping list tailored to your individual needs.


Metabolic Testing
Wondering if your metabolism is low and making it difficult for you to lose weight?


Find out how many calories your body burns each day and get a meal plan designed specifically for your needs.

Nutrition Results also Provides Nutrition Services to Research Sites

In addition to providing nutrition counseling to individuals, Nutrition Results also provides nutrition services to clinical research sites. During Samantha Feldman’s 15 years working at a research site, she provided nutrition services for many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical studies.


Nutrition research services include nutrition counseling, dietary recall and food diary analysis, menu creation, nutrition instruction handout development, and any other nutrition activities required by the study protocol.

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Why Choose Nutrition Results?

Samantha Feldman's Experience and Accreditation!


Registered Dietitian (RD) with 25 years of experience providing nutrition counseling for weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, digestive disorders and more.

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) with comprehensive knowledge of and experience in diabetes management, prediabetes, and diabetes prevention.


Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology qualified to assist you with your exercise and lifestyle goals.


With so much nutrition, exercise and dietary supplement information in the media, it’s very easy to get confused.


With her strong background in nutrition, exercise and research, Samantha Feldman can help you make sense of it all.

Samantha B. Feldman, MS, RD, CDE, CCRC

7700 North Kendall Drive, Suite 809

Miami, FL 33156